Why Diversity Exposure is Important in Education

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The benefits of diversity exposure and inclusion in the classroom are clear. A study by a New York based think tank sums up the benefits best: “different and divergent perspectives can create positive learning outcomes”. And policymakers know that too – hence the pushing for policies to emphasize on racial and cultural diversity in all levels of schools.

Beyond that, in today’s connected and global world, the exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking is also ever so important in preventing the prejudices that has historically split societies. A wide variety of studies show us that infants as young as six months can categorize people based on their race and gender, and by the age of 5 are able to express a preference for their race, learned from daily interaction and observations from other people comments.

The silver lining is that these are learned prejudices, which means that we can stop future generations from picking them up. And a great starting point is our classrooms. With more intentional diversity exposure and impactful conversations from educators and parents alike, we can stop our children from learning them. All while reaping the other benefits of diversity – teaching them instead, to embrace, adapt and appreciate differences and become more empathetic humans ready for an increasingly globalised future.

Diversity and The Singapore Educational System

So how are we faring in Singapore? Educators from different parts of the world speak well of our outstanding education system and it is easy to see why. Our high-quality teachers, research, infrastructure, and technologies are the building blocks of a great education for our children. What could be missing?

A research by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) showed that 99% of Singaporean teachers agree that students need international exposure to build their future careers and to learn respect for other cultures.

How Can Parents & Educators Plug the Gap?

Given the importance of diversity exposure, how then can parents and non-mainstream educators step up to help plug the gap? At “Seeds to Shine”, our goal is tailored specifically to address this important concern.

With a focus to prepare our students for their future, which does not just stop academic fulfilment, we specialize in International Teachers who can provide that much needed diversity in supplementing our education system. Some of the benefits our students gain from consistent interaction with our International Teachers include:

· Willing to listen respectfully to different viewpoints

· Better decision-making and problem-solving skills

· Enhanced ability to think creatively and critically

· Confidence and comfort in interacting with people from a different background

· Open minded and curious to different cultures

Our private online home tuition service allows our students to build a safe and healthy relationship with International Teachers, that will give them an edge in understanding the world beyond their textbooks and classroom.

Preparing them at early age to embrace diversity will help set your children apart from the rest. In the future where boundaries in workplaces are increasingly blurred and cross-cultural collaborations are the norm, these are valuable skills sets that will give them a head start.

Give Your Child the Gift of Diversity Exposure Today

We believe in complementing the Singapore education with an all-rounded online home tuition service that can give your child a future-proof education. Our emphasis on providing meaningful education for our students begins with our commitment to provide diversity exposure through our roster of qualified International Teachers. Who better to walk the talk than our educators who have real life first-hand experience to share?

If you are interested in giving your child the gift of a unique learning opportunity, please feel free to reach out to learn more.

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