9 Essential Skills All Singaporean Students Need to Learn Beyond the Curriculum

Here’s a hard truth: The school curriculum as we know it is no longer enough to equip Singaporean students for their future in an ever-evolving workforce landscape. This year alone, COVID-19 has forced businesses and workers alike online (regardless if they are ready for it or not). In the meantime, the on-going march of automation continues relentlessly – McKinsey Global Institute posits that up to 51% of jobs are susceptible to being replaced by automation. What does that mean for our children? And how can we prepare them for the inevitable?

Singaporean students today, need more than ever, to equip themselves with the right sets of skills to navigate the challenges of the future. However traditional schools are slow to keep up with the rapid evolution of skillsets required to prepare them for the future.

Fortunately, as online educators not confined to restrictions of traditional schools, at Seeds to Shine, we can make a difference. To prepare them for the future, we developed our own blended curriculum which incorporates these 9 essential life skills:

Communication skills

In an increasingly digitized world, the means of communication are evolving too. Communicating effectively across a variety of digital platforms and in-person is vastly different. And we need to equip them to excel in both.

Our online tuition classes help them to master the intricacies of communicating their thoughts effectively on a digital platform. With classes tailored to encourage student engagement and feedback, our students also have more opportunities to learn how to speak up, convey their ideas and share knowledge with their peers confidently. On top of that, we also offer Speech and English Oral classes should the student require that additional support.

Emotional Intelligence

Experts in the field have linked strong emotional intelligence with better learning, building relationships as well as dealing with changes. All critical elements of succeeding in the workforce of the future.

We know the two main ways students pick up on emotional intelligence is from their parents (yes you can help too!) and teachers. As such, our qualified international tutors are trained to encourage students to express themselves, as well as helping to manage their emotions appropriately in classes. With the guided help of our tutors, our students are able to strengthen their emotional intelligence – and learn how to self-regulate and manage stressors better.

Social Awareness

Where emotional intelligence focuses more on the regulation of our personal selves, social awareness is all about recognizing and understand the feelings of others. It is a blend of empathy and being able to communicate effectively in response to the feelings and needs of others. I don’t think there is further explanation required on why this would be essential in the workplace.

Through post presentation reflections and peer assessments, we help our students identify areas that they can further improve upon and develop.

Cultural Intelligence

With increasing diversity in the workforce, it is more important than ever for individuals to develop a strong sense of cultural intelligence to help them interact and communicate effectively. And that is usually built up over time and immersive experiential learning. However, in Singapore schools, students tend to lack that exposure to a wide variety of cultures.

Fortunately, at Seeds to Shine, our wide roster of qualified international tutors can provide that much needed exposure to various diverse cultures.

Time Management

Success usually comes with many responsibilities and too little time. As such, time management skills are critical to helping our students succeed for their careers in the future. What better time to start honing that than today?

By practicing regular goal setting with our students, teaching them to set up learning schedules and prioritizing their homework assignments, they get plenty of real-life practice of time management. As a bonus, our students also find it easier to manage their learning for the various other subjects they learn in school too. Win-win!

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a much-valued trait in the workplace of today – for good reason. An employee with strong critical thinking skills will be a much better problem solver than one who is lacking. And who doesn’t love a good problem solver?

This contrasts strongly with the traditional way of learning – where many students are passive recipients of information and tend to memorize concepts for examinations. With our blended curriculum, we have sought to change that.

Utilizing inquiry-based learning techniques, we encourage our students to rigorously challenge ideas and assumptions and be active learners through a systematic process.

Relationship Building

Interpersonal and social skills are key to helping individuals build strong relationships in their careers and life in general. While it is an essential skill, it is oft neglected in schools to focus on more tangible skillsets.

Through our structured online tuition classes, we integrate elements that can help to develop these essential skills. From encouraging them to practise active listening to focusing on group-based collaborative learning, each class provides an opportunity for our students to hone their skills in relationship building.

Environmental awareness

With more businesses committing to reducing their environmental impact, having a strong environmental awareness is important.

At Seeds to Shine, we go beyond just teaching our students about environmental awareness – we walk the talk too. As an online tuition service, we effectively operate with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to most businesses. Thanks to digital solutions, we are a real-life example to our students of how the workforce is increasingly more efficient and greener too!

Online Tuition with A Difference

Interested in preparing your child with the essential life skills of the future? If you are looking for an online tuition agency that focuses on education with a difference, do feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our online home tuition services.