Useful Strategies for Engaging Students Online

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When students are engaged in class, they learn more. The correlation is simple enough, and yet educators worldwide continue to face increasing student disengagement in the classrooms. A study by an Australian think tank suggests that reasons for such disengagement range from peers, class behaviour, teacher clarity and more. What then could be a solution for such a widespread issue?

The good news is there are many evidence-based approaches available that educators can adopt to create effective learning environments for their students. The challenge however is actually putting that into practice.

With large traditional classroom sizes, multiple responsibilities, and digital distractions, it is a lot harder for traditional educators to consistently adopt these strategies.

Useful Strategies in Engaging Students Online

Fortunately, at “Seeds to Shine”, as a fully online home tuition service, we do not face these same constraints. As such our international teachers are able to fully utilize these sets of top strategies in engaging students online. Here are some simple strategies our teachers apply in classes:

Create an Emotionally Safe Environment

In our private or group classes, we make it a point to have class rules where students learn not to laugh at others, interrupt another and more. Students learn to be respectful towards one another. This is a useful approach to help ensure students feel comfortable to share ideas and speak up during the learning process.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Instead of passive information download to our students, we adopt an inquiry-based learning style in our online classes. Through a guided approach, we help students explore the topics at their own pace and derive their own answers. By empowering the students to seek their own answers, it also significantly increases their engagement levels in class.

Foster a Sense of Competence

Setting the right expectations of success can help increase students’ engagement levels. By breaking down difficult topics and having interim lesson checkpoints to reaffirm understanding throughout classes can help students follow through any tough topic.

Give Encouragement and Praise

Be generous with praise but also be consistent. Giving credit where credit is due works on two fronts for improving student’s engagement. Firstly, it helps build a stronger rapport between the teacher and student – usually a tough task in large traditional classrooms. Secondly, it provides motivation for the student to continually engage in class.

Establish Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

Our international teachers have diverse and interesting life experiences that they can share with our students – inspiring them above and beyond academic discussions. With children curious and eager to learn more about the world, these teacher-student conversations can most definitely help in encouraging higher levels of engagement. Furthermore, a smaller more dedicated class size online also results in increased one-on-one time with the students, allowing stronger and better rapport to be built – engaging them better online.

Looking for An Engaging Online Home Tuition Service?

Is your child constantly disengaged in school or tuition? Let us help with these useful engagement strategies. We believe that each child is unique, and our international teachers will be happy to tailor make a suitable approach for your child.

If you are interested in learning more about our online home tuition service, please feel free to reach out to learn more.

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