The Benefits of Online Home Tuition

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The advancement in technology over the years have re-shaped the landscape of education. With an increasing number of platforms for creative, engaging, and efficient processes of information sharing, classrooms are no longer the only means for students to gain knowledge and build social connections. Like many other industries, we have witnessed the inevitable shift from offline to online learning.

In fact, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year brought about the most abrupt change in traditional education in Singaporean history – accelerating the transition into online learning. Since the start of the pandemic, many schools and universities have provided their students with the flexibility of online learning to adapt to their various lifestyle needs. Private tutors developed online tutoring services to continue supporting their student’s academic development during lockdown.

Is Online Home Tuition the New Normal?

Many have since debated the pros and cons of this new education shift – and questioned if it is here to stay. At “Seeds to Shine”, as educators ahead of the curve, we not only embrace this evolution but seek to spearhead it with our fully online home tuition services.

As the world enters a new era of teaching and learning in a digital world, home tutoring is no exception. So, let us explore some of the key benefits of online home tuition, and how it can complement the new ways of learning for your children in this new education landscape.

Benefits of Online Home Tuition

If you have experienced disruption to your child’s tuition classes due to the government mandated closures, let us share some key advantages of our online home tuition services that you might want to consider:

Incredible Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits that online tutoring offers to students of all ages is flexibility. No more rushing from different locations for you or your child. No more working around your schedules to fit the rigid schedules of tuition centres. Your child can simply access their classes from any location with their laptop or tablets and learn at their own pace.

Bonus: you will also be able to see how your children interact, behave and enjoy their classes.

Facilitate Easy Learning

Compared to face to face tradition tuition, online tutors have the option of utilizing various multimedia applications (such as drawings, videos, animation, and photographs) to facilitate easier learning. Interactive models of learning help to promote engagement and interest in students which gives them motivation to focus on the lesson.

Furthermore, students who need more help academically or who have special needs also benefit from online tutoring as the pressure to excel or interact in person is removed and video cameras may be switched off. This allows the student to work on their confidence and other social needs while they watch, interact with, and learn from the teacher.

Global Access

The ability to connect via the internet has allowed professionals from all over the world to connect, interact and work with students of all ages, from the safety and comforts of their home. For instance, at “Seeds to Shine”, our roster of qualified international teachers expose our students to the much-needed global diversity in our Singaporean education system.

By bringing global educators onboard our platform, our Singaporean students are now able to be exposed to that much sought-after global exposure which only wealthier families could afford.

Embracing New Technologies

In order to thrive in the future, students need to have knowledge and familiarity with technological tools. Online tutoring exposes students to a host of platforms and their functions such as Google, Zoom, and Skype and prepares them to be proficient in the use of technology in their future work.

How to Choose the Right Tutor

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of online home tuition, how do you go about finding the right fit for your child?

There is an abundance of tutors available in the market, so making the choice on who to support your children through their studies may seem overwhelming. Do you pick someone who is qualified with teaching experience or do you pick an affordable inexperienced tutor?

Since you know your child’s needs the best, we recommend that you shortlist a few tutors or agencies with qualifications you require and do a simple “interview” with them. You want to spend your hard-earned money on someone who adds value and interest in your children’s learning through fun and engaging strategies, so it makes sense to spend some time to find the right fit.

If you think we can help your child in an education for their future, above and beyond just academic success, do feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our online home tuition services.


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