The Benefits of Group Work in English Tuition Classes

Educators have long espoused the benefits of group work in increasing learning, retention and developing skills important in the professional world. That is exactly why at Seeds to Shine, we believe strongly in incorporating group work in our online English tuition classes.

Interactive Learning

The key to learning any language well, English is no exception, is to be able to practice. Group work in our English tuition classes are essential in encouraging our students to speak up and put into practice what they have learnt.

By having fellow peers to converse with and practise, it encourages students to participate more actively in class as well. With the element of group work (e.g. games, quizzes or exercises) where they get to interact with one another, learning becomes a lot more interactive, fun, and enjoyable.

Aids in Refining Understanding

Studies show clear differences between retention of material by students who learn in collaborative environments as compared to individually – group work is a clear winner. Why so? There are a few reasons why. Each individual in the group contributes new knowledge, offers new perspectives that combined, becomes a more comprehensive understanding of the material. The opportunity for dialogue between group members who may have partial or different information, helps to shape, and plug in knowledge gaps.

Our English tutors help to facilitate discussions such that students are able to challenge, refine and assess their knowledge with their peers. Not only is it a fun, and less boring approach, this active process of learning is essential to helping our students comprehend and retain the material being taught.

Develop Stronger Communication Skills

In the workplace, employees rarely work in a silo. As such, communication skills in a group setting is essential. However, traditional rote learning approaches don’t encourage or provide sufficient opportunities to hone this particular skill.

In our English tuition classes, group work is key for this important benefit. By providing facilitated opportunities to work in group settings (e.g. discussions and even presentations), our students get the valuable experience to improve their ability to speak up and convey their ideas more confidently over time.

Cultivate Social Awareness and Sensitivity

Effective group work and learning requires students to be socially aware and sensitive to the needs and feelings of their respective groupmates. Creating opportunities for group work with appropriate guidelines can help students cultivate these necessary social skills along the way.

Some simple guidelines our English tutors provide for group work include:

  • Practise active listening when a group mate is talking

  • Take turns to speak

  • Be respectful – do not put down someone else’s opinion

These simple guidelines help to create healthy boundaries and a safe environment for students to speak up and share their ideas.

Looking for Online English Tuition Service with A Difference?

If you are looking for an interactive learning approach to boost your child’s interest in learning English, you are in the right place.

With a strong focus on group work to enhance and improve your child’s learning and retention, our interactive online classes are a favourite with students of all ages.

If you are interested in learning more about our online English tuition service, please feel free to reach out to learn more.

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