The 5 Essential Life Skills Your Kids Need for the Future

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Ever find yourself worrying if you are preparing your child with enough or the right life skills for the future? You are not alone. Especially if you are amongst this generation of new parents who have witnessed first-hand the steep transformations to the workplace in the recent decade.

A 2016 World Economic Forum report, “The Future of Jobs” suggests that “more than one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.” And we absolutely agree.

As educators ahead of the curve, we believe in preparing our children with the right set of essential skills they will need to navigate a workplace as complex as the future’s. And that does not require taking time away from their current curriculum. In fact, at “Seeds to Shine”, we make a conscious effort to incorporate these 5 essential life skills into all our online home tuition lessons’ takeaways.

Diversity & Cultural Intelligence

The world today is incredibly interconnected and diverse and will increasingly become more so in the future. We already witness how diversity and cultural intelligence is an increasingly valued trait in the multi-cultural workplaces of today. Unfortunately, traditional curriculum has not caught up yet. And that is where we strive to plug the gap with our specialized international teachers who can provide that much needed diversity in our student’s learning.

Interpersonal Communication

Communicating effectively with others is a highly valued skill in today’s workplace. We have witnessed slight shifts in higher-education curriculum to encourage the development of this ability through more group-based seminars compared to passive lectures. But we think more can be done, and at an earlier age. Our lessons help children to speak up more, giving them more opportunities to communicate with others confidently, honing this ability from young.

Technological Proficiency

This is a given in the digital age, yet we cannot take it for granted. In our online tutoring classes, we continue to expose our students to a host of platforms and functions they may not continue to use (after the circuit breaker period). It encourages familiarity, proficiency, and the ability to embrace ever-changing technologies – the latter, a most essential trait for the future.

Active Learning

Most of traditional learning is done passively in early education. It is hence not surprising that many children from the traditional system do not develop a strong active mindset from young. We want to change that. How? Through encouraging a variety of strategies to engage our students as active participants during class. With the help of reflections, debates and other inquiry-based learning strategies, we can encourage students to seek their own answers instead of being spoon-fed.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential to helping anyone build and maintain relationships, deal with stressors in life, and manage changes in life – a key not only to success in the workplace but also life in general. In our lessons, through practicing active listening and encouraging self-talk dialogue (parents you can try these at home too!), we aim to help our students develop this essential skill.

Prepare Your Child with the Right Life Skills Today

If you like the idea of equipping your child with these essential life skills through a fun learning approach, do feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our online home tuition services.

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