Inquiry-Based Learning: Why it is Good for Your Child

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In recent year, educators around the world have been strong advocates of the inquiry-based learning approach. In fact, our Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore have also been convinced of its benefits so much so that they are increasingly incorporating them into the traditional syllabus. And that is fantastic!

If this is the first time you are coming across this term, here is a quick explanation to get you up to speed. In simple terms, Inquiry-based learning is an active learning method that focuses on utilizing questions (especially the student’s own) in the learning process.

Compared to traditional means of education which relies heavily on the teacher to share their knowledge while the students absorb passively, this is a breath of fresh air!

Types of Inquiry-based learning

The beauty of Inquiry-based learning is that there is not just one but a variety of methods to go about it. Depending on the student’s level, the level of participation in the classroom and topic, the teachers can adjust the method accordingly.

· Confirmation inquiry

· Structured inquiry

· Guided inquiry

· Open inquiry

Benefits of Inquiry-based learning

There is a wealth of benefits to be derived from Inquiry-based learning, but we’ll touch on the few that we particularly zone in on for our approach towards our online home tuition classes.

Promotes Critical Thinking and Deeper Understanding

By allowing the students to ask their own questions, explore at their own pace and come to their own answers, it allows the students to hone their critical thinking skills. And precisely because they came to the answers through their own means of questioning, they will have a much clearer understanding of the concepts they are studying.

Compared to rote learning or “teaching to the test” techniques, this is by far a much more sustainable learning approach for developing critical learners.

Empowers the student

At “Seeds to Shine” our approach towards learning is to allow our students to take ownership of their own learning. As educators ahead of the curve, we want to encourage our students to achieve success in academic pursuits and beyond. And that is not possible with too much handholding. We want to help them hone the ability to “ask the right questions”, and through that, derive their answers to the many questions they will face in life.

Makes learning rewarding

One of the best benefits of Inquiry-based learning is that it makes learning a rewarding and enjoyable experience for students. By putting them at the centre of the learning experience, allowing them to take charge, makes the learning outcome even more gratifying for them.

Since it is human instinct for us to do more of what we enjoy, an indirect benefit is that is also helps to encourage active learning. Where students look forward to classes because they are genuinely excited to find out more answers!

Coupled with many interactive models of learning help, our online home tuition lessons are structured to keep our students motivated about learning and coming back for more.

Inquiry-based Learning Online Home Tuition Classes

Interested to incorporate more of such inquiry-based learning into your child’s curriculum? We can help with our online home tuition classes. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our approach to your child’s learning.

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