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Why Us

If you are looking for interactive, engaging and quality tutors that provide more than just the textbook, Seeds to Shine offers a tutoring experience that is ideal for your specific needs.


  • The connections we forge between our educators and our students give perspective about the world and our communities by taking advantage of modern connectivity. Learn to understand diversity as you connect your child with teachers from across the globe, right from the comfort of home.


  • Our unique approach prepares your child for an ever-globalised world by connecting them with teachers from international communities. Spending time with our international educators adds value that goes beyond the curriculum and provides a wider growth.


  • The educators at Seeds to Shine are certified in their subjects and love nothing more than helping students excel. Each educator has been vetted to ensure that they provide a robust educational experience for our students. Our tutors use their experience and skills from years of teaching internationally to give our students the supplemental education they need to shine.


  • We bring the world into your home. Our approach prepares students to thrive in the world around them. Engaging with diverse educators provides unique and honest perspectives and allows students to travel and learn from global qualified professionals from the comfort of their home.

Vision / Mission


To plant the seeds for our students to shine in an increasingly globalised world.



Our company aims to bring qualified international teachers to our community, to tutor students from the comfort of their homes, at affordable rates.


We aim to build global awareness in our students from a young age and prepare them to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.

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