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Seeds to Shine offers a unique learning experience by connecting highly qualified international teachers to tutor your child and develop their skills. We strive to supplement our robust education system by allowing students to learn from qualified international teachers and gain access to global ideas.

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About Us

Welcome to Seeds to Shine! Our company is dedicated to providing quality tutoring classes from experienced International Teachers who are familiar with the Singapore Curriculum. We aim to bring international teachers to our students’ homes, expose them to cultural and learning diversity and build them up for an increasingly globalised world.


In a world where quality tutors are hard to find, we handle all the legwork and source for highly-skilled and qualified international teachers to supplement a student’s classroom learning and holistic development. At Seeds to Shine, we understand the added value of multicultural interaction that comes from connecting students and qualified tutors from across the globe.


Our teachers are dedicated to delivering great lessons from the comfort of your home. They have global awareness, exposure working with different cultures, and the ability to inspire students with their interactive teaching strategies and life experience.


Give your child a head-start and let our teachers plant the seeds for your child to shine!

Global Exposure

With a focus on building awareness and exposure to diversity, our company has searched for qualified and skilled educators who will teach your children from the comfort of your home. This one-of-a-kind international learning experience can’t be found in the classroom. Students get the opportunity to learn from global teachers and gain a wider knowledge about the world around them.

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Highly-Qualified Instructors

Our international educators are highly-qualified, and offer more than just curriculum drilling. They are focused individuals who love helping students learn. Our tutors provide holistic, purpose-driven and engaging lessons that go beyond the classroom, foster divergent thinking, and build valuable perspectives for your child’s future.

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions ensure dedicated and stress-free learning. Our group classes are kept small to reduce the pressure that students feel and allow our educators to interact with each students on a personal level. We also have one-on-one sessions available for more focused work.

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